Think & Drink

“Think and Drinks” gathers experts from International Geneva and interested individuals to create a space where the participants exchange about topics relevant to International Geneva in a relaxed setting.The “Think and Drink” afterworks bring together actors from the international Geneva ecosystem in a relaxed setting. Each month, a guest gives an input-speech about a foreign policy topic and opens the floor to an informal discussion. We welcomed following speakers:

  • Yvonne Knöpfel, Human Resources Business Partner at Sécheron SA
  • Dalia Zein, PhD researcher in anthropology and sociology at the University of Geneva
  • Frédéric Esposito, Director of the Bachelor in International Relations (BARI) at the University of Geneva and Director of the Observatoire universitaire de la sécurité (OUS).
  • Stéphane Bussard, Journalist responsible for International Geneva at Le Temps
  • Paola Daher, Associate Director, Global Advocacy at the Center for Reproductive Rights