Antimicrobial Resistance: What Role for Switzerland?


Diplomacy & international actors

November 2023

June 2024

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR), sometimes referred to as a silent pandemic, is estimated to be the cause of 1.3 to 5 million deaths per year. As a result of drug resistance, which has several causes, antibiotics and other antimicrobial drugs become ineffective and the treatment of infections becomes increasingly difficult or impossible. Limiting the use of antibiotics is a crucial step in the fight against antimicrobial
resistance, but this alone is often not enough. Studies have also highlighted the need to develop new antibiotics to treat infections caused by resistant bacteria. The reason for this is that the prevalence of resistant pathogens is increasing and older antibiotics are becoming less effective. In the run-up to the Geneva Health Forum and the World Health Assembly of the WHO, the approaches taken so far in Switzerland will be discussed and mirrored with other political approaches and international initiatives in order to develop sustainable recommendations for action for decision-makers with which Switzerland could serve well at international level to create a coalition of the willing that is capable of sustainably revitalising the global antibiotics market.

Considering this, in March 2024 foraus organised a workshop with experts and stakeholders from the field of (Global) Health to discuss pathways for the role of Switzerland in the international fight against Antimicrobial Resistance.

Based on the outcomes of this workshop, we are currently writing a policy brief with key policy recommendations. The publication of the Brief will coincide with a dissemination event at the end of May in Geneva during the Geneva Health Forum.

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