foraus impact academy: training and empowerment of young volunteers



Project Duration

June 2022

June 2024

In order to address global challenges, foraus wants to be a platform for young thought leaders to publish evidence-based, high-quality content with constructive policy recommendations and to organize thought-provoking events. Our think tank empowers and enables young people to have the greatest possible impact on foreign policy with their ideas. Having a large impact and fulfilling the aforementioned functions requires skills and experiences that volunteers and members have the opportunity to acquire at foraus. This is where the foraus impact academy sets in.

The impact academy is a skill-boosting and knowledge transfer program provided by foraus and addressed to volunteers active within the network, to association members as well as to external young people interested in acquiring foreign policy skills against a contribution fee.

Within foraus, a large pool of expert knowledge is available within more senior volunteers, the board and review board as well as the forever community. The impact academy is thought to bridge generations within foraus by sharing best practices and knowledge within the community. 

Course materials from these sessions are part of a continually extended foraus knowledge repository, which will be launched in summer 2023.




The Impact Academy project is supported by the Ernst Göhner Foundation.

Impressions from the Impact Academy Workshops on Moderation and Project Management at the 2023 foraus Spring Retreat.

  • … by providing a member’s advantage unique to foraus
  • … by offering an economically good deal: cost-effective membership at foraus enables rich offer of workshops
  • … by showing how foraus can enable you to acquire skills useful beyond foraus itself
  • … by providing them free access to valuable trainings and materials
  • … by better preparing them for their roles and by helping them acquire skills useful beyond foraus
  • … by speeding up the learning process
  • … by deliberately connecting more and less senior volunteers
  • … by raising quality standards for our outputs
  • … by increasing the effectiveness of volunteer hours invested
  • … by engaging volunteers and members regularly
  • … by showing external stakeholders that foraus can host trainings on a variety of topics
  • … by sharing already existing knowledge within the organisation with its members