Think Tank Hub

The Think Tank Hub Geneva, founded in April 2014, was an initiative undertaken by the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) in collaboration with the Think Tank foraus – Swiss Forum on Foreign Policy. The initiative aimed at bridging the gap between Think Tanks and other institutions in Geneva and provides a space for actors of different backgrounds to work together across national, institutional and intellectual boundaries in a dynamic and innovative environment.

The Think Tank Hub provided two fully equipped workspaces free of charge to think tanks around the world looking for temporary offices in Geneva.

In addition, the Think Tank Hub organized a series of events with the aim of promoting and networking think tanks with actors in international Geneva. The Hub also supported visiting think tanks with event management and organized activities relevant to the think tank community and International Geneva.


Geneva hosts a unique wealth of international organizations, institutional networks and expertise that are inspired by a culture of dialogue and cooperation. The city houses the European Headquarters of the United Nations, 34 international organizations (of a total of 40 based in Switzerland) and some 400 NGOs. Together with the 179 countries represented in Geneva through a Permanent Mission to the UN, International Geneva employs about 30’000 people. The city also welcomes some 3’000 heads of state and government as well as ministers, and around 2’700 conferences every year. This concentration of stakeholders and conferences in a single city is unique and gives Geneva a leading role in global governance.

This two-day conference, which gathers two dozens of high-level speakers from various fields, investigates how to improve the interface among researchers, decision-makers, and policy practitioners to inform global efforts to achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The last edition took place in 2021.


2019: From Science to Practice: Strengthening Research Uptake to Achieve the SDGs

In the context of increasing policy challenges and eroding trust in science and public institutions, how can we support effective, evidence-based policies to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? The aim of the conference was to investigate how to improve the interface among researchers, decision-makers, and policy practitioners to inform global efforts to achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Full report here


2021: From Science to Practice: Research and Knowledge to Achieve the SDGs

Geneva is a thriving ecosystem home to a world-class concentration of academic institutes, think tanks, NGOs and international organizations conducting groundbreaking policy-relevant research. Following a series of events exploring how science can be translated into policy and action, a consortium of Geneva-based institutions is created a new channel through which research and knowledge from International Geneva can amplify its impact on global policy making.

Full report here

DebaTable is an event format that aims to gather five to ten representatives from different sectors, political orientations and backgrounds to a personal discussion on current hot topics. In the confidential and informal atmosphere of a common dinner (Chatham House rules), bridges can be built and visions that go beyond the politics of the day can be created. From the starter to the dessert, fundamental questions as well as concrete recommendations for action are discussed. Thematic inputs by a research fellow from an international Think Tank as well as moderation by a member of foraus ensure a constructive and focused debate. During these events, the Think Tank Hub Geneva had the chance to welcome participants from several areas such as OECD, the Ministry of Employment, Solidarity and Social Security of Portugal, WHO or the Overseas Development Institute.

Think Tank Talks are an event format where experts on the topic covered are invited by the Think Tank Hub to present their field of expertise to a diverse group of participants from the International Geneva ecosystem. The aim of this event series was to generate a debate and to discuss different approaches and problem-solving techniques that can be applied to current matters we are facing. Many topics were covered during these discussions, such as urban inequality, statelessness, fintechs, protecting democracies and others. Speakers from notable think tanks such as Chatham House, Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung, Women Leading in AI, Cities Alliance were present.

The Geneva Global Games took place on June 16, 2022. Hosted by the Think Tank Hub and in partnership with Geneva Solutions, the Geneva Global Games’ aim was to provide think tanks and research centers an international platform to showcase their expertise. Think tanks from around the world, specialized in two tracks, presented a promising future research or project to a panel of experts from the International Geneva ecosystem.


Jury members
Green Economy:

– Aik Hoe Lim – WTO, Director of Trade and Environment
– Moustapha Kamal Gueye – ILO, Global Coordinator Green Jobs Programme

– Helen Elizabeth Burdett – WEF, Head Circular Economy
– Michelle Langrand – Journalist at Geneva Solutions

– Joachim Monkelbaan – WEF, Climate Trade Lead


Digital Health:

– Sameer Pujari – Manager BHBM, Vice Chair AI 4 Health WHO

– Aferdita Bytyqi – Global Institute, Senior Coordinator at the Lancet & Financial Times Commission: Governing Health for the Futures 2030: Grow up in a Digital World
– Caroline Perrin – Head of Geneva Hub for Global Health

– Michelle Langrand – Journalist at Geneva Solutions