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Pauline Westerbarkey

Pauline holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science
from Sciences Po with a focus on EU relations, and
a master’s degree in International Affairs from the
Graduate Institute Geneva, where she has notably
concentrated on gender and peace studies. Her current
projects include research on women in non-state
armed groups.

Publications by Pauline Westerbarkey

The following contributions contain proposals that address the issue of the democratic deficit of the EU. Combining their experience and different perspectives as European citizens, the authors of the following papers went through a long process of reflection. Eventually, they elaborated several original proposals to reduce the democratic deficit. Far from adopting a utopian perspective, the authors provide us with practicable solutions that would not necessitate any treaty change and that could be easily put into place if decided. The last paper reflects upon another subject: EU defence. In the current context, French and the German leaders make pleas for the constitution of a European army and thus, the topic is very timely. Adopting once again a pragmatic perspective, the author reflects upon what can be seen as the necessary condition to see the emergence of a European army one day in the future: the constitution of an EU defence industry.