Futuring Peace in North East Asia

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Januar 2022

Dezember 2022

“Futuring peace in Northeast Asia” is an initiative by the United Nations Department of Political and Peacebuilding Affairs (UN DPPA) dedicated to deepening opportunities for youth to share their unique observations for regional peace and security with policymakers, stepping towards the broader representation of youth in high-level policy fora.


Young people have the potential to build peaceful societies and support effective governance in their communities, now and in the upcoming decades. Training youth to collectively imagine the future can ensure lasting impact and create the conditions for dialogue and cooperation between governments and peoples of Northeast Asia, for the generations to come.

The two-year project is co-designed and co-facilitated by Youth Champions from the region, trained in digital facilitation and Futures Literacy – an approach which, by sharing ideas of the future, shapes strategies to innovate. This year’s project enjoys a partnership with foraus, with continued support from UNESCO and the National Assembly Futures Institute of Korea.

foraus provided the participatory foresight methodology and the technical infrastructure with the crowd-ideation platform Policy Kitchen.

Further information about the project: https://futuringpeace.org/NEA
Or visit the Policy Kitchen space for the project : https://policykitchen.com/futuringnea2/about